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You don't need to spend money on SEO software to get high search engine rankings. In fact, you don't need any software at all to be a highly effective SEO expert.

However, the software I recommend can help you learn search engine optimization and it can speed up some of the tasks that you would normally do manually. That is why I decided to let you know what search optimization software I believe is the best and most cost effective for beginners to use.

I have reviewed a lot of SEO software, and based on my extensive research of SEO tools, I believe that the following tools are extremely economical and ideal for beginners.

IBP (Internet Business Promoter)
There is a lot of SEO software to choose from that will check search engine rankings, provide on-page optimization tips, etc. However, IBP is the most effective tool I have found for beginners.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Has customized ranking reports.
  • Has detailed on page optimization advice.
  • Offers free upgrades for life. (not including database upgrades)
One of the things I really like about IBP is called "IBP Top 10 Optimizer". IBP analyzes the top 10 ranked web pages for your keyword phrase on the search engine of your choice and compares the top ten pages to your web site. Then IBP creates an on-page optimization report that tells you in a detailed and easy to understand way how to optimize your web site for the specific keyword phrase in the search engine you've chosen. Running the " IBP Top 10 Optimizer" is an excellent way for beginners to learn about on-page optimization, and to improve their on-page optimization.

IBP has a search engine ranking reporter that creates high quality reports in PDF, HTML, text or Microsoft® Word® format. You can export the ranking results to .csv, .tab and .xls. IBP uses an invisible copy of Microsoft® Internet Explorer to query the search engines. While I personally don't recommend the use of Ranking checkers, IBP makes special efforts to place very little burden on search engines by allowing you to customize user-like behavior and by querying search engines for 100 results at a time.

IBP has a new feature that I really like called the "Link Popularity Improver ". The "Link Popularity Improver" finds related websites that are ideal candidates to exchange links with.

IBP also comes with a pay per click manager, a HTML validator, keyword density analyzer, search engine submission software tool, and a keyword generator. Go download IBP's free trial version and take it for a test drive.

Lastly, they have an excellent SEO newsletter that I highly recommend, even if you aren't interested in their software.

SEO Elite
SEO Elite is a really excellent tool for finding reciprocal link partners and checking to make sure reciprocal link partners link to your site. There are many tools out there for finding reciprocal link partners. You can find link partners without using these tools. However, if you really want a cost effective reciprocal link tool, I highly recommend checking out SEO Elite. With SEO Elite you can find out:
  • Who links to a particular site.
  • Number of backlinks each site has.
  • Google PageRank® of each site.
  • Anchor text used to link to the site.
  • Average Google PageRank® of the sites linking to a particular site.
  • Whois information for each site.
and more!

You also get free updates for life. Go check out the SEO Elite demos on their website to get a better idea all that SEO Elite has to offer. It is really the best off-page optimization software you can find for an affordable price.

Wordtracker can be really useful for beginners. However, I recommend that you first read my article on KEI before using it because Wordtracker leaves out vital information that you will want to hand check before making the final decision on which keywords to target. That said, Wordtracker is an amazingly useful tool for finding good keywords to use on your website. You can use Wordtracker to find good keywords by just typing in your main keyword, and Wordtracker will find tons of related keywords for you. Then you choose which of the related keywords you want to analyze. Wordtracker will give you detailed reports and Wordtracker even gives you reports on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Wordtracker can save you a lot of time and money when researching keywords.

The yearly membership fee is a bit steep for small businesses, but for most websites you really only need a one day or one week membership to do a detailed keyword analysis for your site. Unless you are a website promotion consultant, you don't really need to sign up for a month or yearly membership to Wordtracker.

For beginners, the above three SEO tools are the only ones I recommend at this time. Most beginners don't even need these tools, although the software above can speed up the process of getting high search engine rankings.

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