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I split the profits of this book with my affiliates. So if someone buys this book by coming to my website through your affiliate link, you will earn 50 percenet of the profit. Currently, you will earn $4.10 for each standard package sale and $17.54 for each premium package sale.

On this page you can sign up for my affiliate program. While most of the affiliate management is handled through ClickBank, I am also using EasyClickMateTM to run my affiliate program.

Using my affiliate program you can login to the affiliate center to check your statistics, and retrieve your custom affiliate links which are automatically generated each time I add new products.

You will also receive an email notification from easyClickMateTM each time you make a sale. Something that ClickBank does not currently do for affiliates.

Using my affiliate program you can send visitors to my free website marketing newlstter sign up page. If they subscribe and make a purchase later, you will receive the commission. You can't do this using ClickBank alone.

I highly recommend signing up for my affiliate program below, to get access to all of the great tools and added flexibilty that EasyClickMateTM ads to my affiliate program.

NOTE: For the password field do not use your ClickBank password. Create a new unique password to login to my affiliate program. This will give you access to all the special features that EasyClickMateTM ads to my affiliate program.
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