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This is a place where I can answer questions you may have about this book. Some of the questions answered will be ones sent in from visitors of this website, others are questions that I anticpate visitors of this website will ask. If you have further questions not answered here, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I stumbled across your article Choosing Keywords - The Truth about KEI and was just wondering what a good KPI is? I believe I found a great keyword...

I did your equation to find the KPI in Google® for the top 10. I came up with 1.6 PageRank®...

My question is what is the highest KPI I should be considering and any suggestions on getting a higher Page Rank® myself...

Those are really good questions. In most cases I would say a KPI below 3 is excellent. It does not take much work to get a page to have a Page Rank® of 3. Between 4 and 5 is not too bad, but is harder to achieve. Between 5 and 6 is not easy to beat, unless your site has some really good links to it. Above 6 it gets much harder and once you hit a KPI of 8 or above you should probably try to target a different a keyword phrase.

In your case a 1.6 is a good KPI.

As far as raising your own Page Rank®, you need to get links to your site for that. I will go into great detail about this in my book, but for now here is a brief list of some ways to do that:

1. Ask other websites for reciprocal links. One way to speed this process up is to join a reciprocal link exchange like Value Exchange. Another good way to find reciprocal link partners is to use a tool like SEO Elite (you can read my review of it on my SEO Software Reveiws.
2. Submit your website to be listed in directories.
3. Write articles that have a by-line like the one at the bottom of on my choosing good keywords article, where a link back to your website is required to reprint the article.
4. Start a business blog and link to your website from it. Then list your blog in various blog directories.

There are other methods, but basically the best method is to create great content that other websites are going to want to link to.

For starters, here are a few directories that you can submit your site to that currently appear to pass Page Rank® to your website: (blog directory)

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