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"I have to tell ya, you have a winner here! I had to read several different ebooks just to get all the information you provided in one place. And I still managed to learn a couple new things to boot!"

Edward Gause
Internet Marketing for Beginners

"As a site we review e-books every day. This publication has to be the best release of the year for the new webmaster. Packed with a ton of useful information into one concise package. Anyone wanting to create a website that ranks well with the search engines can learn from this book"

Affiliate Marketing City

"This ebook is a concise, organized look at the basics every webmaster should know if they hope to compete for search engine rankings. Well-written and easy to understand ... I'd say that anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization would do well to read this ebook."

SEO Scoop - SEO news, tips and theories
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