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This page is for links to websites that provide copywriting resources for small businesses.

Copywriting Seminar In A Box
Here's your chance to listen in on the biggest, hottest, tell-all, closed door copywriting seminar put on by Yanik Silver's mentor, Dan Kennedy himself... and discover Dan's most prized, most powerful, little known copywriting secrets that he personally uses to churn out million dollar sales letters!

Ultimate Copywriting Workshop
The Ultimate Copywriting Workshop is loaded with examples of every single thing you'd need for your Internet business (emails, pops, endorsements, web sites, headlines, guarantees, PPC ads, etc).

The best thing is that you can sign up for a free preview. The preview includes the audio from a special 1-hour copywriting teleconference call. The audio has excellent marketing advice in it. I highly recommend you go sign up to recieve your free preview.

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