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George Manty


“New Website Promotion Book Released - On Sale For Three Days”

(Houston, TX) –
George Manty, the Father of five children has decided to release his upcoming website promotion ebook on June 14th, just in time for Father's Day (June 19th). The book titled “The Truth about Website Promotion, Secrets of Affordable Website Promotion”, will be on sale for three days starting on June 14th and ending June 16th at midnight Eastern time. For the duration of the sale the book will sell for $11.75 compared to it's retail price of $37.

“The Truth about Website Promotion, Secrets of Affordable Website Promotion” is a book about website promotion geared towards beginners. “ I decided to release my book just before Father's day, because it would be a great Father's day gift. One of the motivating factors for releasing this book was the number of homeschooling Fathers that have been wanting to work from home. We don't want to be just Homeschooling Fathers, but we also want to be work at home Fathers. Many Homeschooling Dads want to work from home and be with our kids even more. So we can take a more active role in their upbringing. I want to not only do that myself, but help others do that as well.”

This website promotion book attempts to give beginners a firm foundation in proven and affordable website promotion techniques to increase traffic to their site. Look for it's release on June 14th, 2005.

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Owner: George Manty
Description: An ebook to teach beginners about increasing their website traffic using proven and affordable website promotion techniques.


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